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Our Workshop

Our Workshop

Our Materials

Our pieces are designed by Selma and then worked on as a team in our workshop. We work on the cuts and patterns, we test and make them with materials that we carefully research from our suppliers. 


The pieces are cut and produced in small editions, often from 3 to 12 pieces depending on the fabric used and their availability. Sabine is in charge of this stage, given her experience in workshops such as Chanel.

We work with natural and/or animal fibres. Like cotton, hemp, nettle, linen, wool and banana fibre. 



All the fibres and fabrics we work with are certified by our suppliers and have been tested by our partner Bcome. This way we know our carbon footprint and the traceability of our materials. With this knowledge we can act accordingly and offer you products that are totally environmentally friendly.


For our shoes we work with cow and goat leather for most models. Each one is certified chrome free and there are even models tanned with vegetal tanning methods. The vegan models are made with our Vinoleather material which is a substitute for animal leather made from grape fibres (wine waste).

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Montreal - H2W 1C6

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